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RanTWP*****Two important topics related to vote on in the 2024 General Election****

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RanTWP*Excerpts from the book: The Case Against Ranked-Choice Voting, pages 2 & 3.  Basically a definition of Ranked-Choice Voting.

Monthly Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every month at Desert Vista

Doors open at 6pm and meetings begin promptly at 6:30

10360 Sun City Blvd.  Las Vegas, NV 89134 on the corner of Thomas Ryan and Sun City Blvd10360 Sun CBlvd.  Las Vegas, NV 89134 on the corner of Thomas Ryan and Sun City Blvd

2024 Club Officers

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*******Sun City Precinct Information ******

The basics

There are 5 precincts within Sun City.  A precinct is the smallest unit in the electoral process.  It is all where all grassroots efforts begin AND has the GREATEST IMPACT on the OUTCOME of Elections.  

As everyone in this club is aware, this is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT election coming up this year.  

Therefore, we NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK!!

We have identified what precinct each of our members resides in.  If you attended the June 2023 meeting, you are aware of this and that we are looking for volunteers in various capacities.  Please reflect on how you can give of your time and talent to SAVE OUR COUNTRY! 

The following conservatives from our club have volunteered to lead their precincts.  Please feel free to contact them if you are interested in helping out in some capacity.  

****Check out the BOOK SHELF at the bottom of the site!  The first book title by Dan Schultz explains everything you need to know about the importance of precincts (grassroots).****

Precinct Meeting#2 Where do we go from here

Precinct Captains & Boundary lines/maps

3036 - Carol Sworsy - 702-205-5809

Boundaries: The neighborhood directly behind Smith's Grocery Store

It's a very small section in Sun City because the rest of this precinct is in Desert Shores.

3037 - Barbara Gross  818-624-6353

- & Jim Spinks - 978-337-1245

Boundaries: Lower Villa Ridge, Lake Mead Blvd, Del Webb to Rampart, Sun City Blvd

3040 - Sue Stitt                  Cell# (970)210-5106

Main Road Boundaries: Lake Mead Blvd, Sun City Blvd, Highland Falls, Middle Villa Ridge, Del Webb Blvd and Lotus Hill

 3383 - Deb Nelson                Cell# (303)478-2732

 Boundaries: The entire area of Sun City SOUTH of Lake Mead

3727 - Karen Kogelschatz         Cell# (248)363-7219

Boundaries: Lake Mead and 215 to Sun City to Highland Falls to Upper Villa Ridge.

Upcoming speakers at our monthly meetings

January:  Dr. Jeff Gunther, U.S. Senatorial Candidate (former U.S. Ambassador to Iceland), Caucus Voting information with speakers from Trump and DeSantis campaigns.  Q & A about Caucus

February: - Newly appointed Nevada Republican Political State Director-Jeff Sands & Assembly District 37 Candidate David Brogg

March: Speakers Victoria Seaman(Mayoral Candidate) & Tom Wagner-County Commissioner-District C

April - Conservative Candidate Meet & Greet with our local conservative candidates - Don't miss it!  Very informative roundtable

May - Speaker line up for this month's meeting:

-Ava Bravo-Republican running for Justice of the Peace Dept. 2

-Lorena Biassotti-Republican for School Board Dept. E

-Shannon Nordstrom-Republican running  for Municipal Court 5

-Sandy Krause-to speak on vote to increase NORA in SCS

June- Governor Lombardo key note speaker.  Rest of Agenda TBA

July - TBA

August - TBA

September - TBA

October - TBA

November - 2025 Board Elections. Rest of Agenda TBA

December - No meeting


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2024 Membership Dues are $15.  

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Suggested book titles for conservative minded people

The last book-5GW is available on for $50 (autographed with Challenge Coin) OR just get on Amazon for $26.

Important information to review from 2023

From our August 2023 Meeting

If you did not get an opportunity to watch the Election Summit on Frank Speech on August 16th-17th, please check out the report by David Clements in the link below.  It sheds light on some very intriguing evidence of election fraud.

Report on Election Summit on Frank Speech Aug 16-17 

From April Meeting

Important Article to Read about our Southern Border

AND Magazine 

Hundreds Of Fighting Age Chinese Males Are Entering The Country Each Week - We Have No Idea Why Sam Faddis - Retired CIA Operations Officer. Served in Near East and South Asia. Author, commentator. Senior Editor AND Magazine. Public Speaker. Host of Ground Truth. Border Patrol agents encountered more than 4,200 illegal migrants from China between October 2022 and February 2023, compared to roughly 1,900 in all of fiscal year 2022, according to CBP data. The Border Patrol believes that number is going to continue to rise and has warned its agents to prepare. A Border Patrol agent speaking anonymously to the Daily Caller noted that Chinese nationals often pay between $15,000 and $30,000 to get to the U.S. border. “[The] majority of them have thousands and thousands of U.S. dollars,” the agent said. “FBI has been called down several times now.” According to the Daily Caller, one route documented by the Border Patrol involved a group of Chinese who were brought to Istanbul, Turkey, where they obtained Mexican visas. The group flew to Mexico City posing as fake couples and then split off. Three men in the group flew to Reynosa, Mexico, while three women flew to Tijuana, Mexico. The Border Patrol apparently believes all these Chinese are fleeing religious persecution in China. Is that really the answer? Or is that what Chinese citizens entering the country are told to say because it will resonate with U.S. authorities? The most common route Chinese citizens are taking to the United States involves flying to Ecuador visa-free. From there they proceed north through Panama’s Darien Gap. Guides detailing how Chinese citizens can travel illegally to the United States are openly available online. Texas Land Commissioner Dr. Dawn Buckingham doesn’t think all this is happening by coincidence or without the direct involvement of the Chinese government. "The Chinese plan is clear," Buckingham said on the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "They typed it out a long time ago. They're playing chess. This is ‘an aggression’ when Chinese nationals are coming across our border. It's only with the permission of their government. They're not just rowing away in a boat somehow and magically getting here." Michael Yon is America’s most experienced combat reporter. He is also a former Special Forces soldier. He has spent decades embedded with U.S. forces in dangerous places and spends most of his time these days south of our border tracking the flow of illegals into our country. He has been sounding the alarm about the torrent of Chinese headed our way for some time. In particular, he has been pointing out the large number of Chinese military-age males entering the United States.

According to Yon, “The Chinese are coming through here [the Darien Gap camp] in large numbers, about 200 per day and increasing, heading to the U.S.” Most of these are men of fighting age. “This is weaponized migration,” Michael Yon tells The Florida Standard. “Weaponized migration is being used to change the U.S. demographic, and it’s going on in many parts of the world. It’s clearly going to destroy Europe and the United States,” Yon says. “One Chinese man said he had tried to get into Florida by buying a boat in the Bahamas. He paid 5,000 dollars for it but ran out of gas and was picked up by the U.S. Coast Guard. The Bahamians deported him back to China, but he got off the plane in Cuba and then went to Quito, Ecuador. Then to the Darien Gap.” Yon adds his own very informed analysis of the nature of the Chinese military-age men he observes trekking north. He notes that they do not appear tired when they emerge from the Darien Gap a torturous stretch of jungle in which many migrants die. They are in Yon’s words “not farmers” and “not broke.” He says they seem to be trained and prepared for what they are experiencing. “I feel like I am at Fort Bragg.” “I feel like I am at the compound or something. Something is not right.” I know it when I see it.” The comments about Fort Bragg and the compound are references to Yon’s Special Forces background According to a Twitter post by Kyle Bass, founder of Conservation Equity Management, a Texas-based private equity firm, the Texas Department of Public Safety is “now apprehending as many as 530 Chinese nationals (almost entirely military-aged males) EACH WEEK. What all this means right now remains unclear, and getting answers out of an administration that lies through its teeth about the situation at the border seems unlikely. Undoubtedly some Chinese citizens are coming here to avoid persecution or simply to seek a better life for themselves. The real question is – who else is coming along with those individuals? What we know for sure is that a very large number of very fit, well-financed Chinese males of military age are entering this country every day. They appear fully prepared for the difficulties of their journey and arrive alert, in well-organized groups, and often in sets of clean clothes, they have kept sealed in plastic bags throughout the trip. This suggests an intention to blend in as effectively as possible immediately on arrival. If these individuals are being sent here by the CCP the implications are obviously grave. Once in the country, they are turned loose with pieces of paper telling them to appear for hearings that are now being scheduled for years in the future. No one monitors them. No one will compel them to appear for these meaningless hearings. Hundreds of fighting-age Chinese males are entering the country daily. We have no idea who they are or what they intend, and apparently, no one intends to find out. Full article -

“Chinese national apprehensions will continue to rise across the SWB [Southwest border]. primarily in Yuma and the Rio Grande Sector, as more Chinese nationals successfully reach the United States to request asylum and information about routes becomes more accessible.” “CBP reporting suggests that given the apprehensions in RGV [Rio Grande Valley], it is unlikely that a new smuggling route were [sic] created, but that the recent uptick is indicative of an overall surge across the entire SWB [Southwest border].” The Daily Caller